07/10/2012 11:27 am ET

John Koobatian, Connecticut Teen, Saves Dog From Drowning

By Pem McNerney

On July 5, John Koobatian, 13, of Madison, was visiting Chatfield Hollow with his friends and family. The same day, Casey, an elderly 15-year-old black lab was also visiting Chatfield Hollow, in nearby Killingworth, CT, with her owner.

Koobatian's mom, Nadine Koobatian, says Casey went for a swim in the pond and became disoriented.

"In a frantic attempt to reach shore, she misjudged and instead made her way out to the center of the pond. Unable to swim further, she frantically thrashed and then succumbed to the water," Nadine Koobatian says." John, watching with his family and friends from the shore, realized that Casey was drowning and her owner was not able to swim out to rescue her. Without hesitation, John swam out to rescue Casey."

boy saves dog