This has to be one of the more cringeworthy game show moments we've ever seen, if only for the painfully slow build.

Watch as the "Vanna White" of the Australian game show "Numbers and Letters" slowly picks consonant and vowel cards at random, based on the contestants choice, until a really awkward pair of words is formed in this clip from 2011. With each card she draws, things get more and more uncomfortable (and it's pretty hilarious).

One thing is for sure: Australians are way better at dealing with live game show FAILs than Americans. For proof, just check out the related slideshow below and imagine how Steve Harvey would have reacted in the situation above.

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  • Not So Family Friendly

    C'mon, this is a family show.

  • Good Move

    Probably the easiest win in the history of "Catch 21."

  • Triple Fail

    Regis Philman?

  • Hard Knock Life

    LMFAO? Seriously?

  • Pussy Furry

    She knew that wasn't right as soon as she said it.

  • Magic Sand

    The 'and' part tricked him.

  • Odds Were In His Favor

    But he still landed on the nickel.

  • Unexpected Surges Of Water Flow

    In his defense, he hadn't slept at all the night before.

  • Spider Woman?

    That guy spells "Spider" in a very unorthodox way.

  • Protecting Friends With Benefits

    Little did you know, Justin Timberlake won an award for that.

  • Something That Gets Passed Around

    Steve Harvey wants nothing to do with this.

  • Bad Choice

    Tricky calcium prices.

  • Should Know Better

    It's not all about you, Kareem.

  • T For Tom

    Maybe it'll work the third time?

  • Good Answer

    Probably should have bet some money though.

  • Mind In The Gutter

    That's a pastor's wife, by the way.

  • Wolf Blitzer On Jeopardy

    Wolf is not good at this game.