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Ron Paul Campaigning In Old-Time Jalopy, According To The Onion (VIDEO)

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Even though Mitt Romney is running as the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, one candidate from the original crop of colorful figures from last winter is still running. That's right, libertarian folk hero Rep. Ron Paul is technically still in the race, as his supporters will be quick to remind you.

Even though the Paul campaign has stopped actively campaigning, Onion News Network took a look at how they believe Paul may as well be connecting with voters: By riding around in an old-time jalopy, matching his political ideas many deem outlandish with a turn-of-the-century automobile.

According to The Onion, Paul's (fictional, of course) choice of car is a metaphor: "The U.S. government is a lot like his old jalopy -- way too big, overly complex, wasteful and Ron Paul is the only one who knows how to fix it."

Check out the video above to see the reporting from the World's Finest News Source about Ron Paul's campaign, and why exactly he made an entire Ohio town disappear.

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