07/10/2012 10:23 am ET

Severed Cat's Head Found In Connecticut: Oxford Residents Find 2nd Head This Year

A decapitated tabby cat's head was left in an intersection in a small Connecticut town over the weekend, horrifying residents. It was the second time this year that a disembodied feline's head was found in the same part of Oxford, Patch reported.

The gray and white furry head was placed so that the dead eyes gazed at passersby, Patch said.

A veterinarian technician spotted the head on Saturday, called authorities, and after they wrapped up their examination, she buried it in her backyard, according to WTNH.

When the first head was found, authorities in the town of 12,000 believed a coyote had killed the cat, according to NBC Connecticut. But animal control workers inspected the latest grisly discovery and determined that a "clean cut" had lopped off the head, the station reported.

That's led residents to conclude a person is terrorizing small animals.

“It was a clean cut. There was no blood underneath. It’s not like it was hit by a car," said the vet technician who found the cat. “Obviously there is some psychopath out here."

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