07/10/2012 03:13 pm ET

Stop-Motion Video With Over 500 Girls Created In One Shot (WATCH)

In one of the most creative uses of the iPad to recently hit the Internet, a new music video by Australian guitarist Orrin Hastings of Abe&Tell shows the stop-motion technique at its finest. Featuring over 500 girls holding an iPad playing a single frame clip of the film is both an entrancing visual experience and an impressive show of video-editing skill. Check out the video about to see for yourself.

In other awesome stop-motion films circulating recently, a New York man proposed to his girlfriend using a stop-motion LEGO film. We've also seen some amazing student-made stop-motion films, like this video by a Arizona high school student thats uses the technique to show a pair of Converse sneakers that appear to be walking, dancing and flipping on their own.

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(H/T Buzzfeed).