07/11/2012 07:21 pm ET

College Uncensored: Honest Answers To Your Biggest Questions From Real College Students

High school juniors and seniors: We hear you. Over the past few months, you've been overloaded with unsolicited college advice from parents, teachers, counselors, relatives and guidebooks. We've partnered with unigo.com, a resource for thousands of undergrads, to field all your real questions about university life and give you responses that are honest, unfiltered and totally up-to-date.

Click here for question 1 -- "Will people think I'm weird if I don't drink at parties?"
Click here for question 2 -- "Do people actually wear sweatpants to class?"
Click here for question 3 -- "How often should I call home when I'm in college? Is once a week too much?"
Click here for question 4 -- "Will my first year of college change me a lot as a person?"

And here's your latest question: "What's the hardest thing about being a freshman in college?"

Check out the slideshow below to watch three college students open up about the challenges of their first year away from home -- and how they overcame them.

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College Uncensored!