There's a war raging in our country right now, and the source of this conflict is ketchup. More specifically, the dispute concerns whether or not ketchup belongs on hot dogs. There are those who enjoy hot dogs but would never, ever, dare to "taint" them with ketchup. (Most of these people come from the Chicago area.) But then other hot-dog consumers feel that a little ketchup on top, or even a lot, tastes great on a dog.

We were not aware of how passionatly people felt about the ketchup-on-a-hot-dog issue until we recently published a video and a blog post that dealt more or less with this subject. We were inundated with comments vehemently defending both sides.

To better look at the dispute, we've gathered the most interesting arguments. Check out the slideshow below to read the comments -- they are illuminating to say the least. (We were told that in some states, restaurants will kick you out if you ask for ketchup to top your hot dog. You might want to start topping your hot dog with caution.)

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  • It's Ungodly

    <em>Commenter obtusegoose says:</em> The ketchup/mustard thing is a sweet vs. savory issue. Regardless, ketchup on a hotdog is an affront to God, and everything good and right in the world. It's like if you put mayo on a pastrami sandwich. You might as well etch 666 on your head, because anyone that would do this truly is the incarnate of Satan.

  • Ketchup Sometimes

    <em>Commenter local21 says:</em> Ketchup on a quality dog like Vienna -- never. Ketchup on Oscar Meyer, Ball Park , Nathan's -- who cares.

  • Dirty Harry Hates It

    <em>Commenter Todd Dice reminds us of 'Dirty Harry's' quote:</em> No one, but no one puts ketchup on a hotdog.

  • It Brings Out The Flavor

    <em>Commenter ambienAnnie says:</em> Everyone knows that ketchup enhances the beef flavor of a hot dog... too bland without it.

  • It's Infantile

    <em>Commenter Jeffer says:</em> I do agree that no one over the age of eight should put ketchup on a hot dog.

  • Ketchup In Moderation

    <em>Commenter O K Ali says:</em> Once again, it's about moderation. I use ketchup, but I don't drown the frankfurter in it. If I'm using other condiments like sauerkraut or chili and cheese, I go with the red stuff.

  • Ketchup On Hot Dogs Looks Gross

    <em>Facebook user Kathleen Samuelson says:</em> Ketchup on hot dogs just looks gross. I remember crying at a picnic when I was about 4 years old because my friend's mom put ketchup on my hotdog. Traumatized for sure!

  • With Relish Too

    <em>Facebook user Donald Hennig says:</em> Ketchup AND relish! Yummy.

  • It's Just Wrong

    <em>Alice Anne Barbo says:</em> Ketchup! Wrong, wrong , wrong... spicy mustard and sauerkraut is perfection on a steamed hot dog!

  • In PA Ketchup's Okay

    <em>Commenter Snippert says:</em> I'm from PA and we smother our dogs in ketchup, or catsup if you prefer.

  • Ketchup Is For Burgers

    <em>Facebook user Rick Kaylor says:</em> Mustard on Hot Dogs (sometimes sauerkraut), Ketchup on Burgers.

  • It Works In West Virginia

    <em>Commenter notreallyabadguy says:</em> A West Virgina hot dog is served on a steamed or lightly toasted buns, with a little ketchup, chopped raw onion, beef hot dog chilli (no beans) and cole slaw. My mom makes awesome chilli and slaw and they are wonderful hot dogs. I like mustard dogs too, but ketchup has its place even though I would never mix the two on the same dog.

  • You'll Get Thrown Out

    <em>Commenter eAmondale says:</em> There are many parts of the country that will throw you out if you put ketchup on their dog. Go out east and ketchup isn't even offered at many joints.

  • It's Un-American

    <em>Commenter momgag says:</em> My son puts ketchup on his hot dog and I always inform him that it's un-American!

  • Hot Dogs Need Ketchup

    <em>Commenter shortguy54 says:</em> Does ketchup belong on hotdogs? Of course it does. The things are inedible otherwise!

  • It Should Be Punishable

    Commenter mariusvinchi says: Ketchup on hot dogs is a violation of all that's right and proper and as such, should be punishable by a slow roasting over a roaring fire... spit optional.

  • It's Bad Manners

    <em>Commenter grendelsdad says:</em> Two weeks ago I saw a sign, prominently displayed at a refreshment vendor's booth in Millennium Park (Chicago). It read, "NOTICE: IT IS CONSIDERED BAD MANNERS AND HARMFUL TO YOUR TASTEBUDS TO PUT KETCHUP ON YOUR HOT DOG WITHIN THE CITY LIMITS OF CHICAGO."

  • It Makes You A Freak

    <em>Commenters jog7 says</em>: I'm from Chicago, and ketchup on a hot dog is unacceptable if done in public. The police would be called and your name and picture would be printed in the newspaper under FREAK.

  • It's Up To You

    Commenter IrieMoon says: If you don't want ketchup on your hot dog then don't put ketchup on your hot dog. But don't tell me what I can and can't put on mine.

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