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Azealia Banks New Mixtape 'Fantasea' Drops, Available For Download

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There’s quite a lot of buzz surrounding Azealia Banks these days and why shouldn’t there be, considering her catchy debut single “212," which put her on the list of artists to watch.

Banks has just released her new mixtape, Fantasea, a 19-track album with her standard fiery, danceable beats and fast, aggressive, and sometimes indecipherable lyrics. Banks contextualized the mixtape a bit on Twitter:

Fantasea is not the last we will hear of Banks in the coming months -- her debut studio album, Broke With Expensive Taste, is set to drop in September.

To hear what all the hype is about, download the mixtape here via Banks' Twitter account. Peep the full tracklist below:


"Fantasea" Tracklist:

01. Out of Space
02. Neptune feat. Shystie
03. Atlantis
04. Fantasea
05. Fuck Up the Fun
06. Ima Read
07. Fierce
08. Chips
09. Nathan feat. Styles P
10. L8R
11. Jumanji
12. Aquababe
13. Runnin’
14. US
15. Paradiso
16. Luxury
17. Azealia Skit
18. Esta Noche
19. Salute

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