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Dog Fighting Rapper Video From Young Calicoe May Result In Criminal Charges, Says Detroit Police Chief

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DETROIT-- Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee, standing outside a home on W. Outer Drive, said attention from concerned citizens and the media helped quickly shut down what police are calling an illegal dog fighting ring.

After a Detroit rapper, Young Calicoe, posted a video of a home that appeared to house caged dogs and birds kept for fighting, Godbee said his office received tips from citizens that helped officers locate the house.

Police obtained a search warrant and raided the home, which sits on the 12200 block of W. Outer Drive, Wednesday afternoon -- about 48 hours after the video began to go viral on Monday. The Michigan Humane Society and the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office Animal Cruelty Unit assisted in the removal of roosters and pit bulls from the property.

Debby MacDonald, Chief Cruelty Investigator for the Michigan Humane Society, said in a statement that her organization will pursue the investigation, along with Detroit Police and Wayne County Prosecutors.

"The animals are being taken back to the Michigan Humane Society, where they will receive the best care we can provide," she said.

"Thanks to the shared concern for the humane treatment of animals from citizens, media, members of the Detroit Police Department, Michigan Humane Society and the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, we are very confident we have shut down an operation that is not contributing to the quality of life," Godbee said. "Based on the evidence that was gathered, we believe that this will be a prosecutable case going forward."

Management for Young Calicoe has acknowledged The Huffington Post's request for statement but has not responded. According to a Twitter account for "Young Calicoe," which has denied the existence of a dog fighting video, the local rapper is concentrating on his career.

"Good morning world!!!! Time to get up and focus..... ON MUSIC!!!!!"

According to the Humane Society, involvement in dog fighting in the state of Michigan can result in fines and up to five years in prison.

The rapper last hosted "Who Rocs The Mic" at Blondie's in downtown Detroit on March 15 and performed June 15 at the Shelter. Watch a rap battle featuring Calicoe below. Both Calicoe videos are NSFW.

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