Mitt Romney Campaign Sells 'Vintage' T-Shirts

07/12/2012 05:09 pm ET | Updated Jul 13, 2012

For a candidate who doesn't drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, Mitt Romney's Vintage Collection of campaign paraphernalia suspiciously resembles something you'd pick up at a 1960s rock concert.

One of several lines of merchandise for sale on the Republican's campaign website, the six Vintage items are designed to evoke the heady days of George Romney (the former governor of Michigan's civil rights record drew a standing ovation for his son at the NAACP this week). A Mitt and George photo button sells for $3.

The other items feature red, white and blue eagle designs on t-shirts, buttons and a canvas tote bag.

As BloombergBusinessWeek noted, there isn't much design in these "designer" duds but, "if you’re a Romney enthusiast inclined toward retro styles, these clothes might strike you as pretty cool—ever-so-slightly psychedelic, but not so much that your straitlaced, Reagan-venerating peers would mistake you for a hippie."

Groovy Mitt-Wear
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