With many galleries showing the same exhibits as last month, there's not much to cover for July's Second Saturday Art Walk. Be don't be turned off by the summer lull!

Zone in on the handful of new shows opening. Namely stop by Robert Fontaine Gallery for Damien Hirst and a visual meditation on how the wigged-one, Andy Warhol, affected the art world.

Check out work by Clifton Childree at the Miami Art Museum staff show and swing by Now Contemporary At Projects for a group show featuring usual materials like suspended buttons and melted toys.

See work from longtime local art stars like Naomi Fisher and Hernan Bas (who now calls Detroit home) over at Snitzer.

The art walk starts roughly at 6 p.m. Saturday and fills Wynwood blocks (between 22 and 29 streets along NW Second Avenue) and those in the Design District (roughly 35 to 41 streets between NE Second and N. Miami avenues).

In the summer, many galleries keep shows running for a full 3 months, so check back to our Art Walk Guide for June to read about exhibits opened last month but still on walls this weekend.

Below, our picks for this weekend's Second Saturday Art Walk:

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  • Robert Fontaine: Warhol Is Over?

    <a href="http://www.robertfontainegallery.com/" target="_hplink">Robert Fontaine Gallery </a>opens a new group exhibit "Warhol Is Over?" featuring work that explores the "after-effect left on the art world by the once extravagant persona and attention grabbing artist, Andy Warhol." Artists include Paul Warhola, Damian Hirst, Tina la Porta, Troy Abbott, Simon Thompson, RYCA, Paul Rousso, Josafat Miranda, Paul Insect, Jesse Faber, Pure Evil, and Mantis.

  • Black Square Gallery: Summer Reading

    <a href="http://www.blacksquaregallery.com/" target="_hplink">Black Square Gallery</a> opens a group show "Summer Reading" featuring 6 artists from the US, Italy, Argentina and Korea -- all who produce text-based work. Artists include Claire Satin, Kyu Hak Lee, Pablo Lehmann, Patrizia Giambi, Ryan McCann, and Tony Vazquez. Pay particular attention to McCann and his pyrographic (burnt on wood) images; Lee, who creates walls of rolled-up newspapers; and Lehmann's cut-outs made from philosophical essays.

  • MAM Staff Exhibition at the UM Gallery

    For the third year, Miami Art Museum staff will show off their own artistic talents at the <a href="http://www.facebook.com/events/501902086491792/" target="_hplink">MAM Staff Exhibition</a> at the University of Miami Project Space in Wynwood. Be sure to catch work by <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/16/clifton-childree_n_1520980.html" target="_hplink">Clifton Childree</a> as well as the other artists on exhibit: Raymond Adrian, Michael Balbone, Kyle Barnette, David Brieske, Juan Carballo, Marcos Cherlo, José Herazo-Osorio, Kerry Keeler, Dave Kudzma, Sinisa Kukec, Rosa Naday Garmendia, Jay Oré, Bennie Osborne, Jahaira Rios-Galves, Phaedra Robinson, Asser Saint-Val, Colin Sherrell, Isabel Sobrevilla, Misael Soto and Janese Weingarten.

  • Now Contemporary Art: Dialogs

    "Dialogs" is a group show at <a href="http://www.nowcontemporaryart.com/ex_installation.php?id=149" target="_hplink">Now Contemporary Art</a>, featuring artists who work with curious materials in composite forms. Augusto Esquivel suspends small plastic buttons for fluid, colorful sculptures that sway in the air conditioner. 3 (Three) fuses small plastic toys into melty, slick forms. Artist Federico Uribe works magic with tire pieces and electrical cords.

  • Locust Projects: The Lab

    Under the direction of TM Sister and contemporary artist Monica Lopez de Victoria, 16 local high school students will exhibit their installations in The LAB (Locust Arts Builders) at <a href="http://www.locustprojects.org/" target="_hplink">Locust Projects</a>. See a video from last year's The Lab on the left. Participating artists include Angelica Castillo, Steven Espinosa, Tiziana Felice, Francesca Fine, Valerie Franco, Samantha Grenier, Aurora Lazaro, Stepanie Michelle Navarrete, Angelica Perez, Tiffany Pomares, Denzil Posada, Sage Roatta, Britney Leigh Segermeister, Arlene Soto, Savannah Grace Vieth, and Ziqi Wang.

  • Frederic Snitzer: Things Beyond Our Control

    <a href="http://snitzer.com/page140/page157/page160/index.html" target="_hplink">Snitzer</a> opens a group show "Thing Beyond Our Control" featuring its stable of artists working with issues of agency, structure, and production. Artists include Dan Attoe, Hernan Bas, Naomi Fisher, Keith Haring, Rashid Johnson, Anton Kannemeyer, Marilyn Minter, Jonathan Meese, Richard Mosse, Man Ray, Bert Rodriguez, Lucas Samaras, Malick Sidibe, David Shrigley, Hank Willis Thomas, Michael Vasquez, Carlos Vega, Kara Walker, and Chen Wei.