07/12/2012 09:11 am ET

WMF Kitchen Utensil Ads Are Stunning And Fairly Graphic (PHOTOS)

WMF is a kitchenwares company that sells a number of everyday and specialty tools and utensils. Boning knives, peelers, flatware -- you name it.

It also produces some pretty interesting ads, which Copyranter at Buzzfeed tipped us to. has even more of these intriguing -- and sometimes off-putting -- ads, which seem to have been sourced from agencies based in at least two cities across the globe from one another: Bangkok, Thailand and Hamburg, Germany.

We're particularly struck by a set of images courtesy of McCann Worldgroup's Bangkok office, which numerous sources say is part of a trade campaign for boning knives. In separate images, a cow and pig seem to be regurgitating the entirety of their own skeletons. Not one of the most appetizing things we've seen.

Other images are more artful and less stomach-churning, like the gorgeous sculptures crafted from fruits and vegetables. Even the split animal carcasses make for a cool sight, even if it is more anatomy lesson than artwork.

Click through the below images for more of WMF's jaw-dropping ads.

WMF's Weird And Wonderful Kitchen Utensil Ads