If you've been in the mood to wear knee socks or have found yourself wondering why argyle sweater vests haven't made a comeback, we know why: it's almost the anniversary of "Clueless"! Next week the timeless high school flick turns 17, having first entered our lives in the sweet summer of 1995.

It's hard to remember a time before "as if!" was part of our vocabulary, "rolling with the homies" was our favorite lyric and dance move and Suck And Blow was a regular party game. I mean, like, "Clueless" totally contributed to our lives.

Particularly in the fashion department. How else would we have gained knowledge of designers like Calvin Klein and Azzedine Alaia? And then there were the trends, like knee socks, crop tops, berets, schoolgirl skirts, headbands, mini-backpacks... well, we could go on and on.

So we will! In honor of the 17th anniversary of "Clueless" next week, here are 17 fashion and beauty lessons we learned from the teen classic.

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  • Always avoid balls flying at your nose after your rhinoplasty procedure.

  • "It's Calvin Klein" is a good enough excuse to wear a mini.

  • There's nothing wrong with wearing a Catholic school girl outfit...to public school.

  • Big hats aren't just for Sunday mornings at church.

  • Digitized closets are totally awesome (and exist in real life!).

  • Describing someone as "a Monet" is a great way to express your thoughts on his or her outfit.

  • Fuzzy pens make the best accessories.

  • Never trust a mugger to recognize an Alaia.

  • You should always wear knee socks with that kilt.

  • High school boys really need to stay away from baggy pants... and backwards caps.

  • Don't rely on mirrors when you can take polaroids.

  • Take out your nose ring when your allergies act up.

  • It is really hard to drive in platforms.

  • Be wary of a guy who outshines you in the fashion department.

  • Avoid clothing embellished with dollar signs.

  • You can't go wrong with a sweater vest.

  • Anyone can be a supermodel.

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