07/13/2012 08:34 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Kim Kardashian On Her New 'Sleeker' Style And Plastic Surgery Rumors (VIDEO)

I'll be first to admit that I've kept close watch on Kim Kardashian since she got cozy with my imaginary man Kanye West. While I admit to small pangs of jealousy, Kim has never looked so good. And she knows it.

In the video above, Kim kicks back for a hilarious girl talk with Harper's Bazaar features and special projects director Laura Brown in the premiere episode of the magazine's new show "The Look." The 31-year-old shows her funny side while chatting about her posh airport style (you know, just some Louboutin heels, Celine jewels and a Valentino leather jacket), biggest fashion splurge (a nylon Prada backpack she got at just 16!) and why everyone thinks she's had plastic surgery.

Our favorite part is when she says of her style "I used to want everything short and low-cut and you really can't do it all...recently my style has become a little sleeker." Maybe she heeded our request to tone it down a bit?

That said, the gut-busting laughter ensues once Kim picks up her big, fluffy makeup brush to give Laura a "part lion, part Kardashian" tutorial on her signature "nose job" pose.

Meanwhile, see Kim's beauty evolution below and check out her and Kanye's matching (and monochromatic) couple style.

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