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LeBron James Powerade Billboard Angers Boston Celtics Fans (PHOTO)

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First, the Miami Heat knocked the Boston Celtics out of the playoffs.


Then, Ray Allen left Boston to play with Miami.

Now, LeBron James' giant, smiling face is looming over Boston -- and angry Celtics fans aren't happy.

The billboard, which reads, "Congrats LeBron/Championship has a nice ring to it" was just erected by Powerade over I-93 South in Medford:

powerade billboard boston lebron james

In other words, residents driving into the city are greeted by their biggest nemesis, just 3 miles from TD Garden stadium, according to Boston Metro. Buuuuuurn!

James is also not popular with the crowd in Cleveland, who felt left in the dust -- and busted out the comic sans --when he accepted a contract with the Heat in 2010.

WATCH: Mike Tyson shows his love for LeBron James:

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