LeBron James Powerade Billboard Angers Boston Celtics Fans (PHOTO)

07/13/2012 03:42 pm ET | Updated Jul 13, 2012

First, the Miami Heat knocked the Boston Celtics out of the playoffs.


Then, Ray Allen left Boston to play with Miami.

Now, LeBron James' giant, smiling face is looming over Boston -- and angry Celtics fans aren't happy.

The billboard, which reads, "Congrats LeBron/Championship has a nice ring to it" was just erected by Powerade over I-93 South in Medford:

powerade billboard boston lebron james

In other words, residents driving into the city are greeted by their biggest nemesis, just 3 miles from TD Garden stadium, according to Boston Metro. Buuuuuurn!

James is also not popular with the crowd in Cleveland, who felt left in the dust -- and busted out the comic sans --when he accepted a contract with the Heat in 2010.

WATCH: Mike Tyson shows his love for LeBron James: