07/13/2012 09:03 am ET

Ronda Rousey, MMA Fighter, Says She Would Beat Up Kim Kardashian For Being Bad Role Model (VIDEO)

By Chris Yuscavage, Complex Sports

Know what's awesome about this video?

Initially, Strikeforce fighter Ronda Rousey sounds like she's ready to offer up some cliched answer when a reporter asks her which female celebrity she'd like to beat up. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, she targets Kim Kardashian and completely goes off on her for setting a terrible example for young girls by getting famous off a sex tape.

By the end, you half expect her to run through the crowd looking for Kim K to deliver a beatdown. Quite a turn of events.

Watch your back, Kim. If you ever cross paths with Rousey, there will be blood!

[via Bossip]