Summer Wedding Tips From David Tutera, Colin Cowie And More

First Posted: 07/13/2012 2:44 pm EDT Updated: 10/09/2012 5:49 pm EDT

Summer is the perfect season for an outdoor wedding, but there are so many possibilities for crafting your ideal celebration that you may not know where to begin! Wedding experts Colin Cowie and David Tutera have shared so many wonderful outdoor summer wedding tips with me that I just had to put them all together and share them with you. I was inspired by their combination of natural beauty and elegant highlights - I hope you are too. -- MT

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  • Have a pool or a water feature in your reception space? Fill this with a mass of solid white colored beach balls for a great summery look. -- <a href="">David Tutera</a>

  • If there is a fountain, turn off the motor and toss handfuls of rose petals and floating candles into the water to bring an unexpected pop of color to this area. -- <a href="">David Tutera</a>

  • Use clothespins to display place cards at your reception. Not only will this setup add a creative flair to your space, guests will be able to find their names easily! -- <a href="">Colin Cowie</a>

  • Add comfortable cushions to wicker furniture for a lux look. Stacks of hay can serve as makeshift tables for guests to rest their cocktails on. -- <a href="">Colin Cowie</a>

  • Nothing says "summer" more than cocktails made with fresh fruit! Serve these colorful and delicious drinks in mason jars for a unique presentation. -- <a href="">Colin Cowie</a>

  • Frozen treats are always a hit and there are so many gourmet versions that your guests will enjoy. Speak with your caterers to have them create gourmet frozen fruit pops or a chilled fruit salad drizzled with vodka. Choose flavors and colors that accent your decor and theme. -- <a href="">David Tutera</a>

  • Add a punch to each setting with a unique charger. Try large fresh tropical leaves, a thick sprinkling of brightly-colored flower petals or even oversized glass tiles (available at any home improvement store) in sea-glassy shades. -- <a href="">David Tutera</a>

  • Pieces of driftwood help make an elegant yet organic tablescape for a summer wedding. Place a few along the center of your table at varying heights and angles. Tuck votive candles within the design for a chic look. -- <a href="">David Tutera</a>

  • For centerpieces, mix organic materials like branches and fresh flowers with elegant beads to give tables a bohemian chic feel. -- <a href="">Colin Cowie</a>

  • Making sure guests are comfortable is rule number one! For an outdoor ceremony, offer gorgeous fans to your guests along with your program to help your guests cool down. For an outdoor reception, keep guests cool with hydration stations of flavored water in decorative beverage tappers. Have servers pass trays of refreshingly chilled hand-towels soaked in water with a touch of lemon, lavender or eucalyptus. -- <a href="">David Tutera</a>

  • Small details can add character to a simple outdoor space. Display flowers on wooden fences and create earthy signs to contribute to a naturally chic environment. -- <a href="">Colin Cowie</a>

  • Corsages don't always need to be constructed from roses and carnations! Go against the grain by including foliage from trees with earthy materials in your wedding party's adornments. -- <a href="">Colin Cowie</a>

  • Use wildflowers in your bridal bouquet to evoke a free-spirited feel. -- <a href="">Colin Cowie</a>

  • Ditch wedding dessert staples and opt for a summery alternative. A gourmet ice cream truck adds a playful surprise to outdoor receptions. -- <a href="">Colin Cowie</a>

  • Lighting changes everything! Beautiful patterned lights can turn a plain, white outdoor tent into a magical place. -- <a href="">Colin Cowie</a>

  • Keep your party going long after the sun has set with mood lighting! Colored paper luminaries can be embellished with a few snips of scissors or well-placed hole punches and filled with sand for weight, and a battery operated tea light (no fire hazard!) Use these to surround your space, line the pathways to the powder rooms, identify the food and beverage areas, or highlight any potential hazards such as steps. -- <a href="">David Tutera</a>

  • A bride can be very creative with the colors she chooses for her wedding and bridal party. The summer compliments bright and vibrant colors as well as fun styles. -- <a href="">Bridal Reflections</a>

  • Many bridal designers are including short dresses and high low hemlines that are also another option for summer weddings. -- <a href="">Bridal Reflections</a>

  • Designers are making bridesmaids dresses that look more like couture runway styles rather than traditional bridesmaids dresses. They are also making styles that are similar to casual sun dresses that can be worn again. -- <a href="">Bridal Reflections</a>

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