07/13/2012 01:13 pm ET

Drunk Phone: Young People Opt For Second, Low-End Phone For Use While Out Drinking


Young people may have developed a new way to minimize the risks of owning expensive smartphones and going out partying. Now, some are opting to own a second, low cost phone to use during nights of heavy drinking, Ad Age reports.

Laura Krajecki, a chief consumer officer with Starcom MediaVest Group, told Ad Age that using a cheap and low-end "drunk phone" is becoming an attractive option for what she described as an "epic night out."

The term "drunk phone" has also been used to describe cellphones that prevent users from making calls while intoxicated by way of a built-in breathalyzer, according to Gizmag.

Whether or not this latest definition of "drunk phone" will stick remains to be seen, since the interview with Krajecki gave no indication as to the scope of the research. However, she did say some mobile manufacturers are already interested in knowing more about whether the news might warrant new product development.

"You could be manufacturing two different types and calibers of phones. Or one phone that detaches into a lower-res version, and that's a product engineering insight," Krajecki told Ad Age. "Or maybe you're a client developing cloud services and this could help you with backup services targeted to young adults so they can back up their data on their phone and not lose it if they lose their phones while out."

For those who actually are bringing a second phone out for the night, one would have to wonder about how they're finding the practice from a convenience standpoint.

Keith Wagstaff of Time pointed out that there are some tools that might allow a more seamlessly integration of a drunk phone into one's life:

"You can always pick a new Google Voice number and set it to ring all your phones at the same time. You can also set it to ring certain phones at certain times of the day, meaning that if you buy a cheap prepaid phone, you can just set Google Voice to call it on Saturday nights between 6 p.m. and 4 a.m. Another option is buying a cheap phone and swapping out the SIM card if you use AT&T or T-Mobile."

But Google Voice still wouldn't address the issue of the Millennial generation's heavy reliance on texting and social media, which they're more likely to use on any given night out rather than they are to leave a voicemail.