07/13/2012 10:32 am ET

White Bison Born In Connecticut

Only one in 10 million bison are born white so when one was born last month in Connecticut, of all places, the event was truly historic.

As the New York Times reported Friday, the blessed event happened on the Goshen farm of Peter Fay in northwest Connecticut, far from where the buffalo typically roam. The white, 30-pound bull calf was born June 16 and will be celebrated in a naming ceremony and festivities later this month that are expected to last as long as four days

Fay recalled watching the animal being born. "It looked like a ghost," he said. The farmer told WTNH that he was watching another cow in the field give birth when he noticed what was happening: "And when it hit the ground I could see it was white," he said. "I didn't really look at it twice because it was new, and after 20 minutes when it got dried off and was nursing with the mom I knew it was something different."

The white buffalo or bison—Tatanka Ska in the Sioux language—is a spiritual symbol of sacred life and abundance to the Lakota and other Native Americans, notes Indian Country Today Media Network.