07/26/2012 04:20 pm ET | Updated Jul 26, 2012

Companies With The Most Inspiring Executives In America: Report

Need to be inspired? Look no further than your favorite CEO.

The most inspiring top-level management come from a variety of sectors, according to Universum, an employer branding firm. Those companies may have a leg up in retaining their employees; having inspiring higher-ups is one of the top 20 most important employer attributes, according to 5,700 MBA students polled for the survey.

“MBAs seek employers that have strong, visible and dynamic leaders,” Universum's Employer Branding Specialist Kortney Kutsop said in a press release. “MBAs know that such companies will be innovative top-performers that will allow them to have the opportunity to be mentored by leaders they aspire to follow.”

Companies that made the list are headed by some of the most recognizable CEOs in business, including Apple’s Tim Cook and General Electric’s Jeffrey Immelt. The list also includes leaders of non-profits like Wendy Kopp of Teach for America.

Indeed, even the chief executive of the entire nation knows how important being an inspiring leader can be. President Obama recently lamented the fact that he hadn’t been more inspiring during his first term.

Of course, inspiration apparently doesn’t come cheap. Tim Cook, whose company ranks second on the list, was in fact Sillicon Valley’s highest-paid chief executive during fiscal year 2011. He reportedly took home a $378 million pay package, mostly comprised of Apple stock.

Here are the employers with the most inspiring top-level management and the CEOs who run them:

The CEOs Of The Companies With The Most Inspiring Executives