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Mapco Gas Station Debit Card Glitch Falsely Charges Outlandish Amounts For Gas Fill-Ups (VIDEO)

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NewsChannel 5
NewsChannel 5

Ray Crockett was recently charged more than $84,000 for what was supposed to be a $30 tank of gas. The ordeal left Crockett frozen out of his hopelessly overdrawn Citibank account and with a measly $100 Visa gift card from Mapco to get him through the weekend.

Citi has since credited Crockett's account, according to ABC News. But the drama has all but subsided. A NewsChannel 5 investigation revealed at least 16 other Mapco customers have recently been hit with five-figure gas bills after visiting the gas station.

One woman, Nikki Johnson, pre-paid $22.47 for gas and a coffee drink but was charged $58,278.35; another customer paid for $10 worth of gas but ended up with $84,073.85 debited from his account, NewsChannel 5 reported.

Johnson's boyfriend posted a picture of her bank statement on Reddit, where he expressed surprise the bank let the charge go through. According to the post, Johnson has a $3,000 daily limit on her debit card.

BP, the oil company behind Mapco, estimated that 16 customers have had similar problems being overcharged there in the last 10 days.

Reached for comment by NewsChannel 5, Mapco acknowledged an error in their debit card payment system at "a few" stores. They also released a more extensive statement, which you can read here.

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