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Mark Cuban Calls Out Bill Simmons On Twitter

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By Matt Yoder, Awful Announcing

Maybe Mavs owner Mark Cuban is feeling empowered after he incinerated Skip Bayless in his own backyard on First Take, because Sunday night on Twitter he went after ESPN's top dog - Bill Simmons. What would cause Cuban to fire a shot towards Grantland's sovereign soil? It began when The Sports Guy didn't exactly give Dallas a ringing endorsement for their offseason signings of former Clippers teammates Chris Kaman and Elton Brand on Friday...

Bill Simmons
Put it this way: I wasn't crazy about Elton Brand and Chris Kaman playing together in 2006 when they were still good.

The Shark Tank star must have caught wind of Simmons' tweet as he eventually sent these stinging replies:

Mark Cuban
. They next smart personnel comment you mae will be your first

Well to be fair, Simmons also didn't let an entire championship team minus the superstar walk away for nothing.

Mark Cuban
possibly because he has never had any involvement with a championship team.

Whoa. I guess Cuban isn't a fan of the Picasso of the Trade Machine, maybe he's a Rembrandt kind of guy. These aren't just shots fired, these are cannonballs. Cuban has been a guest on the BS Report previously at the Sloan Sports Conference earlier this year, although things got very weird and very controversial thanks to the interview.

(Side note, what makes this story even better is Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert retweeting Cuban's dig at Simmons. That's the Twitter equivalent of trying to help Dwight Howard land on the Superteam of his choice. C'mon, Dan.)

Sure, Simmons may not have won a championship or been a part of any franchise... but he did write the book on basketball. That may or may not actually count for something. Regardless, I generally like Cuban, but the whole "he's never won a championship so he has no room to talk" argument is one of the most tiresome in all of sports. If that was the case than every one of us without a championship ring could never say anything worth meaning. And Charles Barkley would be out of a job. That's not the kind of world I want to live in.

The popcorn is on standby if and when Simmons responds.

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