Leave it to Guerrilla theatre collective "Improv Everywhere" to take one of America's favorite vacation time-wasters and turn it into a legitimate, televised sport.

That's exactly what the infamous pranksters responsible for such hits as the no-pants subway ride did recently in New York, when they surprised pint-sized mini-golf players with a real tournament complete with an ESPN camera crew. Lead by comedian Charlie Todd, the improv everywhere agents provided adult caddies, live commentators and the actual Claret Jug from The Open Championship as a prize.

The kids obviously love it, including Max, seen at around 2:00 in, who was "sponsored" by "Star Wars" for "millions of dollars." The riveting competition ends with one victorious kid who celebrates with his "wife and son" at around 5:17. It's definitely one of the cuter missions IE has executed as of late. Watch above.

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