07/17/2012 11:51 am ET

Zoe Lister-Jones And Zoe Kazan: A Tale Of Two Zoes

Don't be alarmed if you're experiencing deja vu. You've been hearing about a young actress named Zoe who made an indie romantic comedy with her boyfriend. Not only did this actress write the script, she also appears in the film. Wait a second, you think, didn't this happen last month?

Your confusion is understandable. Last month, Zoe Lister-Jones appeared in "Lola Versus," a film she co-wrote with her boyfriend, Daryl Wein. This month, Zoe Kazan appears in "Ruby Sparks," a film she wrote that stars her boyfriend, Paul Dano. Fox Searchlight is distributing both films.

To help you keep these talented actresses straight, we've created a cheat sheet.

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Zoe Lister-Jones and Zoe Kazan