'Eureka' Series Finale: A Few Jabs At Syfy, Lots Of Nods To The Past And A Fitting Farewell (VIDEO)

07/17/2012 07:35 am ET | Updated Jul 17, 2012

After five seasons, fans had to say goodbye to their favorite town filled with mad scientists and one overwhelmed sheriff. "Eureka" (Mon., 9 p.m. ET on Syfy) wrapped up all of their storylines very nicely, and gave fans plenty of heartfelt moments along the way.

Jack took a trip down memory lane through a wormhole, and later had a flashback to a Season 1 alternate timeline when Allison told him she was pregnant. Dr. Trevor Grant came back -- an ally from their trip to 1947 that triggered the alternate timeline the series has existed in since Season 4 -- just in time to save the day. The Department of Defense was shutting down Eureka, so he bought it and Global Dynamics.

Everyone got their happy ending, with Jo and Zane finally engaged, Holly and Fargo traveling the world together and Zoey getting ready to graduate college. Jack driving her back to college set up the final closing loop of the show.

While driving through the rain, they saw themselves from the pilot episode coming the other way. Fans who've wondered what caused the incident that led to Jack staying in Eureka all those years ago? It was driving by himself. But figuring that out is something he'll deal with tomorrow, while fans deal with their own sense of loss and mourning of a consistently fun show.

The show even poked fun at Syfy for cancelling the show, giving it a six-episode final season, and then taking it back. It all fit seamlessly, but the reference was there for astute fans to laugh at.

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