Depending on your political leanings, you will either find yourself chuckling at the following tweets or weeping for humanity. Perhaps, you'll even do both!

Someone on Twitter started the hashtag #ObamaComicBookVillains, and this is what followed:

Sam Valley
The Fantastic Four (Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and Madison)

Click through the gallery below to read even more #ObamaComicBookVillains tweets. You can offer up your own suggestions in he comments below.

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  • Jamal

  • William K. Wolfrum

  • NYCguy2012

  • Alexis Martindale

  • Mr.Moet Murcielago

  • Tamara Jackson

  • mike carbonara

  • The Looking Spoon

  • Chris Addeo

  • Mr.Moet Murcielago

  • BD Pisani

  • PBruce

  • ⚽bekahh(:

  • Jared Walcott

  • Ugly Honest

  • Blake Harllee

  • The 1st Black Nixon

  • Donna

  • John R. Williams

  • Scott Harvey

  • Adam Pietrafesa

  • JohnnyMiskatonic

  • BD Pisani

  • The Gipper

  • The 1st Black Nixon

  • Stu Podaso

  • Stephanie Ann White

  • SkyChaser Beats

  • LivingLiberally

  • SkyChaser Beats

  • Daniel Robertson

  • Todd Starke

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