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Toilet Seat Stolen From Swedish Courthouse (VIDEO)

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Two thieves in Kristianblad, Sweden, are accused of stealing a toilet seat from their local courthouse.
Two thieves in Kristianblad, Sweden, are accused of stealing a toilet seat from their local courthouse.

To the casual obsever, a courthouse seems like the worst place to rob and a toilet seat seems the silliest thing to steal.

Yet, two thieves in Kristianblad, Sweden. were willing to court danger by attempting to steal several items, including coffee, tea and a toilet seat from their local courthouse.

The thieves -- a 38-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman -- targeted the courthouse break room last Thursday before hitting the head, according to the Swedish website The Local

"It's been said they had been at a hearing. They clearly thought what was said was crap," said Mikael Persson of the Kristianstad police to the Swedish language newspaper Kristianstadbladet.

The commode-stealing crooks, who reportedly have had previous run-ins with the law, were also caught on a surveillance camera attempting to break into a storage locker.

Two officers arrested the bathroom burglars outside the courthouse and found the toilet seat, tea and coffee on them.

They are now being held under suspicion of robbery and attempted robbery.

That may slam the lid on that crime, but toilet thefts have become surprisingly common recently.

Police in Chesapeake, Va., are currently searching for four people who have reportedly been stealing brass toilet handle units, according to The Virginian-Pilot.

In addition, police in East Aurora, N.Y., are dealing with a rash of thefts of 50 flush valves that have been stolen from public bathrooms, WIVB-TV reported.

East Aurora Police Detective Rick Daminski told the station he suspects the valves are being stolen for scrap.

"They are an older flush valve that can't be resold. It's aggravating; it's just wrong and we're going to catch them," he said.

Stolen toilet parts confound police:

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