Daniel Tosh is far from the only comedian who has ever had to deal with a heckler. In fact, almost every comic has a heckler story to tell, whether it was painfully awkward or handled with grace.

Take stand-up comedian and "Last Comic Standing" contestant Rachel Feinstein, for example. In the latest installment of Official Comedy's "Behind The Heckle" interview series, she tells the story of a heckler that got more laughs than she did.

Hear Rachel's tale and watch a funny re-enactment of the time she had to follow a surprise set by Tracy Morgan and bombed. How bad did she bomb? Let's just say that the heckler ended up getting a round of high-fives. Oh, and did we mention this happened on Rachel's birthday?

Watch the video above and see our related slideshow below highlighting the best comedy documentaries on Netflix.

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