'Craft Wars' Recap, Season 1 Episode 4: Tooth Fairy Boxes, Gnome Houses And A DIY Photo Booth (VIDEO, POLL)

07/18/2012 03:21 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Last night's episode of "Craft Wars" on TLC was highly entertaining. The judges Erica Domesek, Jo Pearson and Stephen Brown and host Tori Spelling, along with the contestants really demonstrated their crafting abilities.

The "Pop Craft" challenge was certainly a thing to remember as the three crafters had one hour to create a keepsake box out of old locks and keys. Esther created a sand castle, Kathy crafted a tooth fairy box and Andrea went with a gnome house. The judges decided to send "Krafty Kathy" home because they felt her box wasn't involved as much.

This was a little disappointing because although her toothy fairy box was simple (she cut wings out of paper and glued keys on them), it was still fun, as opposed to Esther's sand castle-themed box which lacked color. Andrea definitely deserved to go to the next round, where she and Esther had five hours to create a wedding craft using blue jeans, candlesticks, baby blankets and invitations.

Esther stepped up her game in the "Master Craft" challenge, creating a wedding photo booth and giving viewers a great tip for creating garland: sewing in-between fabric pieces so the thread connects each piece, creating a garland effect.

Ultimately, it was Andrea's wedding note tree, where guests could hang notes to the bride and groom on whimsical branches, that won the judges hearts. (Andrea also had a great tip for sharpening hole punches. Once your hole punch gets dull, try punching a hole through aluminum foil to sharpen it up.)

Both crafts were truly beautiful considering the odd materials the crafters had to work with. But we still can't help but wonder what kind of wedding craft "Krafty Kathy" would have come up with if she had made it through to the next round!

Watch the video above to see the crafts from the "Pop Craft" challenge and tell us: Should Kathy have gone home?

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