The Easiest Ways To Chop Carrots (VIDEO)

07/19/2012 08:59 am ET | Updated Aug 31, 2012

How many ways do you know how to cut a carrot? Slice and dice, right? But those two ways aren't the only ones for cutting the popular root vegetable. If you want to learn how to cut perfect carrots for soups and stews or julienned carrots for salads and such, you're in the right place. The crew at Saveur shows you how.

Executive food editor Todd Coleman demonstrates two easy ways to cut carrots in the video. The first method begins with cutting the carrot into chunks, starting from the tapered end and moving up toward the wider end. He cuts the carrot at a slight angle and turns it a quarter turn after every cut to create uniform pieces. Now you can easily saute the carrots or cook them into soups and stews and they will always cook evenly because they're the same size -- not to mention all that surface area means more flavor.

The second method is a version of the famous julienne, which is typically a tricky, small cut that turns the carrots into tiny matchsticks. Coleman slices the carrot very thinly at an angle, lines up the pieces and continues to cut them into julienne -- an easy cheat.

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