Look into our crystal ball and see what we see.

When it comes to members of young Hollywood and who they'll be in 10 or 15 years, a pretty clear indicator lies in the generation that came before them.

From the child prodigy and the sci-fi siren to the action hero and the talent-turned-teacher, we're matching up these green celebrities with their seasoned counterparts.

Will Taylor Lautner be the next Tom Cruise, Emma Stone the next Sandra Bullock and Lea Michele the next Jennifer Aniston?

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  • The Child Prodigy

    Chloe Moretz and Natalie Portman (Getty)

  • The On-Screen Stunner

    Blake Lively and Gwyneth Paltrow (Getty)

  • The Sci-Fi Siren

    Jennifer Lawrence and Sigourney Weaver (Getty)

  • The American Sweetheart

    Emma Stone and Sandra Bullock (Getty)

  • The Talent-Turned-Teacher

    Demi Lovato and Jennifer Lopez (Getty)

  • The Triple Threat

    Darren Criss and Matthew Broderick (Getty)

  • The Exhibitionist

    Miley Cyrus and LeAnn Rimes (Getty)

  • The Primetime Princess

    Lea Michele and Jennifer Aniston (Getty)

  • The Versatile Vixen

    Elizabeth Olsen and Charlize Theron (Getty)

  • The Action Actor

    Taylor Lautner and Tom Cruise (Getty)

  • The Rocker Chick

    Taylor Momsen and Courtney Love (Getty)

  • The Early Starter

    Abigail Breslin and Drew Barrymore (Getty)

  • The British Import

    Andrew Garfield and Hugh Grant (Getty)

  • The Odd Bird

    Lana Del Rey and Bjork (Getty)

  • The Heartthrob

    Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake (Getty)

  • The Comeback Story In Waiting

    Amanda Bynes and Tara Reid (Getty)

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