Last week, we asked you to share your stories of love and support. Your response was overwhelming. Within hours, we were swimming in tweets and emails listing the people in your lives, who were in your corner, when you needed them the most.

Below are some of the amazing tweets and comments we got in response to this question.

Who has your back? Have a friend, parent or friend's parent who supported you when no one else would? Tell us!

If you have someone in your life who was in your corner when you needed it, please let us know, we'll keep sharing and highlighting these stories as they come in.

You can send your submissions to, and we'll keep featuring these for as long as they keep coming.

DISCLAIMER: By sending us your photo and anecdote, you are giving us permission to consider publishing them on our page, as well as distributed via our Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram accounts.

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  • William Hewstone

  • The Legend of Fisch

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  • Alberto Ponce :)

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