07/18/2012 12:52 pm ET

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Runs As 'Openly Redhead' GOP Candidate In Funny Or Die Video

Republican congressional candidate Frank Jenkowski has has a secret that's about to come out, one that's sure to cause quite a controversy among Conservatives: He is a ginger.

"I shouldn't have to hide who I am, because I'm really no different from any other Republican," Jenkowski, played by openly gay "Modern Family" actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson in this latest sketch from Funny or Die.

Linda Cardarelli, who plays a news anchor narrating the segment on this landmark campaign, goes on to explain that Jankowski claims to have been born a redhead, a belief that's still challenged by many in his party.

Later, a group of protestors pay homage to South Park's 'Ginger Kids' episode, chanting "Better dead than red." One protestor shouts to the camera, "The Bible said that God created Adam and Eve, not Ron Howard and Marcia Cross. Hair color is a choice!"

A man playing a Fox news contributor then comes on to question whether Jenkowski is a true Conservative:

"Once he's in office, isn't he just going to be promoting the redheaded agenda?"

But Jenkowski defends his decision to run as openly redhead after years of hiding his hair and pretending to be brunette. It's not his hair color that needs to change, he argues, it's Washington.

"I dont want to be known as a redheaded Republican. I just want to be known as a Republican who happens to have red hair."

Watch the video above.


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