07/18/2012 12:29 pm ET

‘Day Of The Dead' Models Bring Fashions To The Runway

By Michael Lopez

With the Mayan Doomsday nearly upon us, Austrian designer Lena Hoschek felt the time was right to add some "Day of the Dead" themes to her clothing. And at this week's Mercedes fashion show in Berlin, she did just that to huge applause.

Hoschek's new line proved to be a big international hit, with Fashion News Live calling it, "anything but dead." Indeed, the floral headdresses and traditional Mexican colors livened up an otherwise uneventful day on the runway.

And just to keep things interesting, every model donning Lena's line came out in traditional Dia de los Muertos makeup. The collection is set to arrive next spring, a full four months after the end of the Mayan calendar.

Ever the jokester, Hoschek addressed the doomsday theories at the end of the show.

"Maybe the Mayans are right and the world will end this year," she said. "But at least we can have cute clothes!"