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Haircuts, Bikini Waxes And 13 Other Items We Don't Hesitate To Splurge On (PHOTOS)

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Last week's article on items we refuse to spend a lot of money on got us all talking about the economy and how it's affected the way we spend our money. Specifically, it brought up how much thought we put into everything we buy these days, from our morning muffin to those platform heels we've been eyeing for months.

We realized that, like things we refuse to spend on, there are a few prized items that we will shell out for. Whether it means brown-bagging our lunch so we can spend a few extra pennies on coffee from that delicious café around the corner, or eating ramen for two weeks straight so we can afford the latest Louboutins, there are those items that we will beg, borrow or steal to procure.

Click through the slideshow below to see what the HuffPost Style, Stylelist and Stylelist Home staff will shell out for. Keep clicking to also see the items that we refuse to splurge on, and then tell us, where do you spend (and not spend) your money?

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Splurge Or Save?
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