07/18/2012 05:49 pm ET

Nick Offerman, Craig Robinson Stage A Staredown In Final Cubs-Sox New Era Ad (VIDEO)

The Cubs vs. Sox showdown between actors Nick Offerman and Craig Robinson, the center of a New Era ad campaign, has arrived at its final confrontation.

In their latest spot, Offerman and Robinson, best known for their roles of Ron Swanson on "Parks and Recreation" and Darryl Philbin on"The Office," return to the fictional The Dividing Line bar for a good old fashioned staredown. The men don't stop to eat, play darts or..

Offerman and Robinson both share local roots. Offerman is a long-time Cubs fan who was born and raised in Illinois and got his comedy start in Chicago, while Robinson grew up on the city's South Side and loves the Sox.

"Even our handsomely coiffed ex-governor wouldn't try to sell a White Sox seat," Offerman said in the original ad.

"Wrigley Field isn't even real Chicago," Robinson responded. "Once you get north of Division Street, you may as well be in Wisconsin. Can't even get a better piece of pizza. I've had better pizza in New York."

Watch the previous spots in the campaign below:

Nick Offerman vs. Craig Robinson, Chicago vs. Chicago