07/19/2012 08:23 pm ET

BART Idiot Hall Of Fame Documents The Worst Of Public Transit Manners (PHOTOS)

If you've ridden BART with any regularity, it's inevitable you've been struck by the sudden urge to punch one of your fellow riders in the face.

This should not be a source of embarassment; it's completely normal to fantasize about beating the living snot out of the inconsiderate jerk splayed out across a whole row on a packed rush hour train while treating his headphones like a amplifier to blast the world's worst techno music for everyone to hear and theoretically tolerate.


The problem is that you never know which inconsiderate jerk is also litigious/secretly a black belt in karate and will sue/kill you for administering them the beating they so justly deserve.

So, what's a body to do (other that just asking politely for the dude to move/turn Skrillex down to a reasonable volume)?

The answer: take a picture of your particular afternoon commute's "worst person in the history of the universe" and post it on a new, fast-growing Facebook group called The BART Idiot Hall of Fame [h/t SFist].

"The group started with a few friends…whom I always would discuss BART issues with, honestly just to share assholish behavior," group founder Sean Naes told The Huffington Post "We started taking photos with our phones to share with each other and a few other people got interested so we just made it a group."

Naes added that BART's handling of the Oscar Grant shooting and the MacArthur station redesign also added fuel to the fire. "The fact they do nothing to enforce their own rules and most riders do not use common sense created a need for us to vent and try to find things to laugh about to make our commutes more bearable," he said.

If you're ready to get your blood boiling, check out this slideshow of the group's endless spiritual quest to pinpoint the essence of exactly what turns some people into unrepentant douchbags the moment they step onto public transportation:

BART Idiot Hall Of Fame