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Buyer Sought For Frank Lloyd Wright-Designed Home

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UPDATE: An online petition asking the city of Phoenix to save the David Wright House is currently 360 signatures short of its 1000 person goal. You can sign your name at

PHOENIX (AP) -- The owners of a home designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright have postponed plans to redevelop the Phoenix property.

Officials with 8081 Meridian LLC say they're instead looking for a buyer to preserve it.

Meridian bought the property earlier this year for $1.8 million. The Wright family initially sold it for $2.8 million in 2009.

Meridian managing partner John Hoffman says if a buyer isn't found by Aug. 21, the company will move forward with development plans that include splitting up the 2.5-acre property.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy is searching internationally to find a buyer.

Wright built the early 1950s home for his son. It's known for its spiral plan and elevated living quarters.