Colbert Mocks Mitt Romney's 'Struggling' Waiter Remarks At Fundraiser (VIDEO)

07/19/2012 11:17 am ET

In yet another attempt to connect with the humans who can make him President, GOP candidate Mitt Romney made an eyebrow-raising remark at a fundraiser this week that Stephen Colbert just couldn't ignore.

At a fundraiser on Monday where supporters paid upwards of $50,000 to see him, Romney used the venue's waitstaff as an example of people who are "struggling" under President Obama, adding, "they're not having a good year." It might sound like an out-of-touch assumption, but in Colbert's opinion, this means that the "detached, tone-deaf, body-snatching pod creature" that is Romney may finally be starting to understand the plight of the working class.

"Because there's nothing blue-collar Joes like more than having their struggles pointed out in front of a room of rich people they are serving."

Watch the full segment above, wherein Colbert relives some of Romney's other out-of-touch moments and does some pandering of his own to Jay the intern.

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