If you're hoping to clarify whether Christopher Nolan actually defended "Dark Knight Rises" fans making death threats against film critics who gave the film a bad review, don't try calling the director on a cell phone. He doesn't have one.

"It's not that I'm a Luddite and don't like technology; I've just never been interested," Nolan told Jenelle Riley of Backstage about his cell phone-less life. "When I moved to L.A. in 1997, nobody really had cell phones, and I just never went down that path."

Fortunately for the director, pretty much everyone within his immediate circle did. Nolan said that people on his sets always have phones, so it's easier to get in touch with him during filming. (Nolan is also anti-email and text.)

While that might sound completely ridiculous, Nolan isn't the only director to eschew modern technology.

"I have never sent an email in my life. I never received an email," director Woody Allen told The Wall Street Journal last month. "I have two buttons [on my iPhone] I can touch -- the weather and the Huffington Post."

In an unsurprising twist, both Nolan and Allen still shoot their films on film, making them the last of a dying breed.

"For the last 10 years, I've felt increasing pressure to stop shooting film and start shooting video, but I've never understood why," Nolan told DGA.org. "It's cheaper to work on film, it's far better looking, it’s the technology that's been known and understood for a hundred years, and it's extremely reliable."

Allen is still beating that drum too. As Greta Gerwig -- co-star of Allen's "To Rome With Love," which was shot on film -- told HuffPost Entertainment, "[That] might be the last time I ever get to shoot on film. Nothing is shot on film. Really, nothing is shot on film anymore. I met with a director who said, 'There's no reason to shoot on film anymore. It would be like having a television with the big back. You don't need it.'"

But you might need a cell phone.

For more on Nolan's technology-free life, including what he thinks of the iPhone, head over to Backstage.com.

[via Backstage]

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