07/19/2012 05:46 pm ET | Updated Jul 21, 2012

In Fred Willard's Defense: Twitter Rallies Around 'Best In Show' Star

"Did you hear about Fred Willard?"

If you're like us, when someone said that to you with a look of grave importance on their face this morning, you thought, "Oh, no, please don't let him have done something to, near or about a kid."

And, happily, he didn't.

In fact, he did something that law-abiding grown-ups of all stripes do every single day. And he did it in a place that seems to call for that very thing. So while the naysayers among us may have seen this as a lewd act, a lot of folks on twitter knew far better.

Here are some of our favorite tweets defending, and even applauding, comedic legend Fred Willard.

In Fred Willard's Defense