D.C.'s Best Place For Picnic Provisions: A.M. Wine Shoppe (PHOTOS)

07/20/2012 03:15 pm ET

WASHINGTON -- Picnics are fun, if you plan. Throwing a blanket in a basket does not mean your event will end well. Proper food and beverages is what really makes or breaks an afternoon in the park. Rather than risk making something yourself, the best plan of action is to order something from a trusted source.

The A.M. Wine Shoppe may have an excellent wine selection, but their deli is what sets them apart. Open seven days a week, the shop is a one-stop destination for a couple, group or individual that would rather eat in nature than in a restaurant.

Owner Justin Abad gave the Huffington Post three sandwich and beverage pairings for your ideal picnic.

A.M. Wine Shoppe

Sandwich: Admorghese, finocchino, mortadella, prosciutto cotto, provolone, spicy pickled vegetables with olive oil

Serve with Cuvée Terroir

"I'd actually recommend a red for this one. Something lighter, fresher. I like the Chinon. It has a refreshing acidity. I chill it right before I serve it. It helps bring out the wild herb notes. It's a really fresh wine."

Sandwich: A.M. Cubano, pork confit with Cuban mustard, prosciutto cotto, comte and pickles grilled on the press

"A Spanish white wine that's really refreshing, with a low alchohol content, slightly effervescent. I want a wine that lightens the palate. I want to have another sip and a bite, I don't want to get too full on just one."

Sandwich: Grilled Vegetable, seasonal grilled vegetables with herbed mayonnaise and provolone grilled on the press

"This one is great because it's almost spicy, not too viscous or sweet."

Whether you're a carnivore or vegetarian, there are multiple options for your dining preferences. If that isn't enough of a sell, the store makes sure to use all parts of the deli and to keep it as local as possible. "We're seasonal and stock stuff that makes sense. I get bored with macaroni salad. We tried to use everything to the absolute fullest."

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