Animal Tails For Humans: Would You Wear One? (PHOTOS)

07/20/2012 09:23 am ET | Updated Jul 20, 2012

Ever wish you had an animal tail? No? Really? Not even once?

Should the mood ever strike you, we've found the perfect resource for the finest animal tails a human can find. TellTails creates life-size tails of various animals, from squirrels to leopards to lemurs, that attach to a human. For those of you wondering what the point is, TellTails' website explains that they aim to "undo 'Natures greatest mistake’ and thus have become purveyors of the finest handmade tails for Bipeds in the UK." How ambitious.

So what exactly is a TellTail? According to the website:

An appendage which protrudes from the posterior or is prolonged beyond the rest of the body. Related to radical frivolity and acts of spontaneity. Increases rhythmic movement and catalises courtship.

Ya hear that, oh single ones? Courtship! Wearing a tail will, like, totally land you a man!

We kid. TellTails are actually sold alongside Kigus, or Kigurumi, Japanese costumes that are particularly popular in the Shibuya area of Tokyo. Kigurumi are often soft, pajama-like and adorable, much like the animal tails sold by TellTails. In fact you can find the tails, plus more head-to-toe animal gear, at

That is, of course, if you want to be wearing an animal tail. If you're less concerned with undoing Nature's greatest mistake and are quite content with your appendage-less bottom, then run along now. Just don't be jealous when we're flaunting our awesome fluffy squirrel tails and "catalyzing courtship."

Check the tails out below -- would you wear one?

Animal Tails For Humans

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