A sprawling metropolis, Atlanta is made up of different communities that each have their own distinctive personalities. From the high-octane energy of Mid-town and the glitz and glamour of Buckhead to the staid and conservative Cobb County, the city offers a multitude of neighborhood vibes that fit every lifestyle.

As seen through the eyes of celebrity tour guides, like actresses Terri Vaughn, who showed us Buckhead, Jasmine Guy, who toured SWATS, and Georgia State Representative Alisha Thomas Morgan, who took us through Cobb County, Atlanta definitely has something for everybody. As we conclude the BV Atlanta Spotlight, we present you with a visit covering the city’s downtown and midtown sections courtesy of Mayor Kasim Reed.

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  • The High Museum of Art

    Known as one of the premiere art museums in the world, the High Museum is a splendidly designed structure that offers an impeccable showcase for masters of art. Located on the distinguish Woodruff Arts Center campus, the High Museum is a centerpiece of cultural life in the city. "The High Museum inspires me," says Mayor Reed. "It literally lifts my spirits - from the design of the building itself to the artistic treasures inside."

  • Curley's Fried Chicken

    If you're looking for some authentic, mouth-watering fried chicken, you need look no further than this midtown favorite, where it's not uncommon to see people in cars lined down the street waiting to place their order. "Sometimes I just want a good, simple meal and Curley's always hits the spot, says Mayor Reed. "My favorite item - besides the fried chicken, of course, is the dirty rice."

  • 303 Peachtree Street (Sun Trust Plaza)

    The tallest building in downtown Atlanta, the 60-story office tower is a beacon in the city and is a place where many of the city's leading businesses are based. "Not many people know this, but I love architecture," Mayor Reed comments. "I notice how buildings are designed on the inside and outside. 303 Peachtree is my favorite skyscraper in the City of Atlanta."

  • Piedmont Park

    Known as ground zero to Atlantans, Piedmont Park is the playground where people from all over the Atlanta metro area gather. Always populated, the 189-acre park is home to concerts, festivals and other cultural events throughout the year. "It has the best of all worlds," says Mayor Reed. "It's a beautiful park with really nice people and a breathtaking skyline view."

  • Atlanta City Hall

    Atlanta is not only Georgia's most populous city, but it is also the seat of the state's government. Located in the capitol district, the City Hall (pictured left) also neighbors the State Capitol Building, which was designed in a grand style reminiscent of the U.S. Capitol. For Mayor Reed this part of the city holds special meaning to him. "I spent 11 years as a state legislator and now more than two years as Mayor, so I love both buildings, the history, the people, and the promise for the future that is always present inside their walls." *CORRECTION: The Atlanta City Hall was originally reported to be the Georgia State Capitol. We regret this error.