Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed Reveals Local Gems From Downtown to Midtown

07/22/2012 09:18 am ET | Updated Jul 22, 2012
The City of Atlanta

A sprawling metropolis, Atlanta is made up of different communities that each have their own distinctive personalities. From the high-octane energy of Mid-town and the glitz and glamour of Buckhead to the staid and conservative Cobb County, the city offers a multitude of neighborhood vibes that fit every lifestyle.

As seen through the eyes of celebrity tour guides, like actresses Terri Vaughn, who showed us Buckhead, Jasmine Guy, who toured SWATS, and Georgia State Representative Alisha Thomas Morgan, who took us through Cobb County, Atlanta definitely has something for everybody. As we conclude the BV Atlanta Spotlight, we present you with a visit covering the city’s downtown and midtown sections courtesy of Mayor Kasim Reed.

BV Atlanta Spotlight: Downtown to Midtown
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