It's hard to explain why, but David Hasselhoff is having a (brief) moment. The Hoff celebrated his 60th (!) birthday this past Tuesday; also this week, people started stealing his cardboard likeness from outside Cumberland Farms stores in New England (yup, super random).

But today we'd like to look back on Hasselhoff in days of yore, specifically the "Baywatch" era. We recently stumbled upon the wonder that is "Baywatch"'s opening credits, featuring the suntanned, red-suited, life-saving babes running jogging the sand with the "I'll Be There" theme playing the background.

Of course the slow-mo running was as much a part of "Baywatch" as the skimpy red suits. Asked recently about the epically slow jogs, Hasselhoff told Men's Health, "That came about organically because we had no money," he said. "We didn't have enough financing to finish the show. So we found a way to fill the hour by shooting people in slow motion. We said, 'Well, girls in bathing suits look good running in slow motion, let's just shoot that.' And we found out that the audience kinda liked it."

Girls in bathing suits do look good running in slow motion -- we've got the video to prove it. For today's Fashion Flashback, behold the opening credits of "Baywatch," circa 1996-1997.

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