07/23/2012 08:54 am ET | Updated Jul 23, 2012

New Yorkers At London Olympics: Abby Wambach, Cullen Jones, Brigetta Barrett (PHOTOS)

We're quite excited for the 2012 London Olympics, beginning this Friday with the official Opening Ceremony.

World records will be shattered. Tears will be shed. There will be stories of Olympic Village sex romps. And of course, a much-anticipated Spice Girls performance.

We here at HuffPost New York are particularly excited however, about the 35 athletes hailing from the Empire State.

From soccer champ Abby Wambach to gymnast John Orozco, New Yorkers can cheer on some of the finest athletes in a wide range of events including rowing, fencing, cycling, and much more.

Below is a complete list so that come Friday, you're cheering extra hard for those Olympians with hometowns in New York.

2012 London Olympics: New York Athletes