07/20/2012 06:19 pm ET

Steve Nash 'Godfather' Parody: Lakers Player Prepares For The Role Of A Lifetime (VIDEO)

After just a few weeks in Los Angeles, it's obvious that the camera loves Steve Nash.

The newly-minted Lakers player made everyone laugh when he tweeted a video of a fan passing him a cold one between cars on a highway, and this latest video, published Thursday, proves that Nash loves hamming it up for fans.

In the latest installment of his original YouTube series, "Nash, Camera, Action," Nash prepares for the "role of a lifetime" -- the Godfather. Just like Marlon Brando, he stuffed his cheeks to get the voice and pace of speech just right.

Sounds pretty good, doesn't he?


If he keeps it up, Nash could rival Metta World Peace next season when it comes to quirky, non-sequitur fan encounters. World Peace, are you going to take this lying down?


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