No one heckles quite like hecklers at a comedy show. You wouldn't hear someone yell their opinions at a solo jazz performer or a ballerina, but when an audience sees a funny person standing on stage with a mic, there's often one or two people who demand to have their voices (usually drunk voices) heard.

The recent Daniel Tosh incident reminds us that the way a comedian responds to a heckler can become an issue outside of the club. There's also a great documentary about hecklers on Netflix that highlights the many ways hecklers can be dealt with, and a wealth of video evidence on YouTube.

Below you'll see 19 examples of how comedians can handle a heckler, including brutal takedowns, full-on breakdowns and some ridiculously witty retorts. From Mitch Hedberg's gentle chat to Bill Hicks' expletive-filled rant, there's more than one way to handle a heckler -- some more effective than others.

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  • Amy Schumer

    Schumer shuts her heckler down quickly, plus she makes up for it by not having the woman thrown out. Bonus points for the "Searching For Bobby Fischer" reference.

  • Russell Brand

    Why do hecklers heckle? They usually just want attention. Brand gives his heckler what she wants and hands her the mic. She wishes herself a happy 30th birthday. The crowd does not.

  • Patton Oswalt

    When a heckler decides to speak up during an album recording, the comedian has even more pressure to handle the annoyance in a funny way. This incident at Patton Oswalt's recording for "Werewolves & Lollipops" became one of the album's funniest tracks.

  • Mitch Hedberg

    Hedberg calls up his heckler onstage and has a nice little rapport with him. We miss you, Mitch.

  • Joe Rogan (NSFW)

    This is far from Mitch Hedberg's gentle chat. Rogan berates a young woman who continues to talk to him. If you're a heckler this is just about the worst it can get.

  • David Cross

    Some guy is REALLY upset about Cross selling his book at Barnes & Noble. Cross handles the situation with aplomb.

  • Zach Galifianakis

    Galifianakis keeps it pretty cool, chatting with his heckler. He gets a few harsh jabs in but in the end goes with the old standby: "Shut up!"

  • T.J. Miler

    A heckler asks Miller about his performance in "Get Him To The Greek." Bad move.

  • Todd Glass

    Todd Glass gets SERIOUS while telling a heckler that she doesn't know how to treat people in this high-octane rant.

  • Laurie Kilmartin

    Kilmartin really breaks down what happened to her after a heckler throws bread at her on stage.

  • Richard Pryor

    Someone yells "Bullshit!" during Pryor's joke. Pryor doesn't miss a beat.

  • Bill Hicks (NSFW)

    "I want you to go find a fucking soul!" is the <em>tamest</em> thing Hicks screams at a female heckler.

  • Katt Williams

    "Nobody paid to hear your stupid ass."

  • Jamie Kennedy

    A heckler finds it really important for Kennedy to know that a waitress should actually be called a "server." "Well, I'd like you to serve your mouth shut," he responds, among other things.

  • Bo Burnham

    Burnham has no idea why someone would heckle an "18-year-old kid that's following his fucking dreams."

  • Greg Fitzsimmons

    Fitzsimmons makes fun of his heckler's lack of originality.

  • Bill Burr (NSFW)

    This is a long one, but it's worth a watch. Burr uses the remaining 11 minutes of his set to seriously rip into the unruly Philadelphia crowd. No sports team is left unscathed -- even Rocky gets hit.

  • Daniel Tosh

    Tosh simply cannot handle two drunk hecklers in the front row. Eventually he makes them move.

  • Louis C.K.

    The famous clip from "Louie" where Louis C.K. devastates a heckler (played by the lovely Megan Hilty).

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