07/21/2012 04:56 pm ET

Johnny Damon Catch: Indians Outfielder Makes Outstanding Grab Against Orioles (VIDEO)

Johnny Damon pulled off the same type of catch thatDeWayne Wise recently, and controversially, got credit for.

In the top of the third inning of the Indians-Orioles game on Friday, Baltimore outfielder Nick Markakis sliced a ball down the third-base line and into foul territory. Damon pursued the foul ball even as it was fading toward the stands. The 38-year-old leapt over the short wall and made the catch before falling tumbling into the seats.

Unlike some other people, he immediately showed the umpire the ball after getting to his feet.

"He got up there and you can see this time it did stick. This wasn't New York when it bounces out and someone else has the ball," the announcer said, referring to when Wise failed to make the catch against Cleveland last month. In that case, the umpire ruled an out even though he never asked for Wise to show him the ball.


Unfortunately for the Indians, starting pitcher Derek Lowe had given up six runs already in the inning before Damon's catch. Baltimore went on to win 10-2.