07/21/2012 12:12 pm ET

Look Your Best And Feel Great With These Tips (VIDEO)

Four experts recently appeared on "The Today Show" to offer fashion, beauty and healthy-eating tips to look younger and feel energetic over 50.

With the help of two models, sisters Liz Lange and Jane Wagman, founders of, offered tips to stay age-appropriate and classy. "Be realistic," Lange said. "You want to look young, but you don’t want to look ridiculous. Acknowledge your own age." The tips included how to hide problem neck areas, how to pick the right blazer and what kind of sunglasses men should go for -- hint: think "Top Gun."

Mally Roncal, creator and president of Mally Beauty, offered ways to make skin glow and protect against the sun and age spots. "Even when it's a 10 million degrees outside, don't forget [to moisturize]," Rancal said, offering a rundown of several other ways to make skin look its best.

In terms of feeling more energetic, Dr. Roshini Raj offered advice on what foods to eat to stay healthy. "Oatmeal has soluble fiber, and we know that this actually helps lower your bad cholesterol," Raj said. "So this is a great thing for heart health." Raj also stressed the antioxidant power of certain fruits and what they can do for dementia, cancer and overall health.

Check out the video above for the expert advice on health, beauty and fashion.


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